RESIDENTIAL NASIMA       DATE : 2015    STATUS : COMPLETED    LOCATION : RAWDA, KUWAIT    AREA : 2100 sqm    PROGRAM : RESIDENTIAL COMPOUND    ASSOCIATE OFFICE :  JBA COLLECTIVE     PHOTO :  NELSON GARRIDO        rN sets out to question two typical archetypes seen throughout Kuwait City and the region.  First, as a result of 20th century concepts of site and city planning, inhabitants are confined to an unrelatable, standard, rectilinear, and symmetrical urban plot dimension.  Second, the project tests a natural material prevalent in the region. The abundant use of native stone and concrete acts not only as a modern construction technique, but has an innate connection to the culture and historical context as well. The design works backwards from a basic volume of the zoning envelope, essentially an offset cube.  Then the monolithic volume is chiseled through a series of cuts informing internal use, program, and access. The final design encompasses over 4000 square meters of built area and provides for eight unique residential units.  The jarring exterior voids are cut into the building envelope, celebrating a reading of interior program and shading natural light.  Individual housing units are infilled into the larger site massing, allowing a medium between privacy and open public views.
     RESIDENTIAL HASSANIA 1       DATE : 2014    STATUS : DESIGN DEVELOPEMENT    LOCATION : ABU AL HASSANIA, KUWAIT    AREA : 1500 sqm    PROGRAM : RESIDENTIAL COMPOUND    ASSOCIATE OFFICE :  JBA COLLECTIVE        rH1 is an extended version of RESIDENTIAL NASIMA project as a commission from the client to continue with the same essence of the idea. The residential development over a plot of 1500 sqrm, contains two separate units that speak to each other regarding its form and function, the only difference is it’s developed to be a more porous villas to accommodate the nicer views close to the main road, a roof garden, and a more open feeling as its close to the beach in a more open space. With that being said, the privacy and public characteristics are still in control. The mesh porosity that has been developed to accommodate such, went through testing with relation to the amount of sun light in, human view and its gradual attachment to the concrete to have it show as an integrated part of the construction. The long front offset also helps a gradual entry to the premise with a continuous greenery that plays a role in accommodating a seamless parking hidden around it, and of course that also gives a richer gesture as part of the whole project proposal.
     VILLA A       DATE : 2015    STATUS : CONSTRUCTION    LOCATION : RAWDA, KUWAIT    AREA : 432 sqm    PROGRAM : PRIVATE RESIDENCE    ASSOCIATE OFFICE :  JBA COLLECTIVE        Villa A is a variation of the larger residential M development. residential M project utilizes abundant local natural resources that the middle eastern soil generously offers, while giving value to cultural integrity and maintaining traditional functions. As each unit maintains its individuality, the whole project strip adduces a unified scheme through the design and use of native material. Villa A utilizes an open plan that is flexible and can break down size of spaces by a system of floating partitions for privacy or changing use.             
     VILLA S       DATE : 2015    STATUS : CONSTRUCTION    LOCATION : RAWDA, KUWAIT    AREA : 432 sqm    PROGRAM : PRIVATE RESIDENCE    ASSOCIATE OFFICE :  JBA COLLECTIVE        The design of villa S stands to readdress the standard housing typology which has a following key characteristics - an internalized closed program, clear delineations of rooms and use, a separation of service and back of house, circulation zones and public space. With such clear boundaries inside, external facades lack variation and do not respond to the internal change in use. Through readdressing the standard housing type, externally villa S facade is expressed as two in setting volumes. An open transparent entry and living space is supported by a regular volume of service and circulation. By imposing a surprising non-native material with a standard building material, the conflicting use and volume is celebrated.
     VILLA E       DATE : 2016    STATUS : CONSTRUCTION    LOCATION : RAWDA, KUWAIT    AREA : 870 sqm    PROGRAM : PRIVATE RESIDENCE    ASSOCIATE OFFICE :  JBA COLLECTIVE        Villa E basis of design was derived heavily from program requirements. The parti called for three simple uses - public gathering, public dining, and a single private sleeping space on ground level. As a result of use and access, the sum of the massing is complemented and articulated by two opposing sloping planes. The lager is lifted, open, and transparent to convey public use while grasping natural light. The complement is monolithic and internalized in response to privacy. Based on site narrowness, the massing is sliced vertically to maintain privacy, but pinched and raised in plan to allow connectivity and circulation.     
     VILLA N       SOON       
     VILLA M       SOON